The Creative Process

     Inspiration comes to the artist or designer in a multitude of ways.  Similarly, the creative process is generally personal and often times fraught with indecision, problem solving and patience.  For Steven's most recent design, he was presented with a problem;  As is sometimes the case, a customer presented the designer with particular aesthetic considerations for a new necklace.  Steven struggled to find inspiration from visual references he was given by the customer.  "They were old fashioned, vanilla.  Even though I like vanilla ice cream, I don't like vanilla jewelry". 

     Steven spent months under the pressure of the customer to design the piece and yet he could not create a design that he felt captured what the customer was looking for or that he felt he could put his name on.  He stepped away from it, returning months later,  when an idea revealed itself.  Five fractal inspired diamond shapes, each embellished with five round diamonds, are divided by three sided curved bars. 

As with all of Steven's designs, what he has created is beautiful, timeless, and definitely not vanilla.